7 Pricing

Pricing is mainly based on the goal to compensate fully for all intellectual property, meaning the knowledge and time of elders. These costs are based on conversations with the Indigenous knowledge keepers. This is balanced with the prices that are affordable for the customers, especially families, and finding a middle way where a margin remains for Moccasin Trails. Fixed costs for package segments, such as museum entries or plate fees at wineries, are combined with running costs, such as fuel and computer use. Consultations with Tourism Kelowna, as the market experts who conduct a lot of research, also influence the price point.

Price example:
Canoe tour in Kelowna, 3 hours in duration, led by an Indigenous knowledge keeper, including pictograph site, songs, ceremonies, wine tasting at the winery, and lunch. $95

Different from other tourism providers, Moccasin Trails’ prices are transparent and stated on the brochures and website. Currently, the minimum participant number is listed as six, but adjustments may be possible, depending on the tour, since fixed components make it less flexible.

Pricing for tour companies for Kamloops experiences are typically negotiated with the agencies or wholesalers. The tourism associations provide advice on suggested pricing as well as industry-typical discounts.

When minimum participants for a tour are not reached, Moccasin Trails might contact guests and offer to run the tour at a higher price for each guest or eliminate some segments. Again, making sure that Indigenous knowledge keepers are compensated is the highest priority with regards to pricing. This might become less and less of an issue as the operation grows.

Moccasin Trails focuses on education without having to make the finances a critical piece. There are opportunities to send proposals to the government, which is very supportive of Indigenous businesses. These funds could be used for marketing expertise and consulting (see Promotion).

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