1 Overview and History of the Business

Based on Frank’s strong connections in Kamloops, Moccasin Trails started there. It was a suitable location to learn the ropes of tourism and learn to be an entrepreneur. After 2 years, the business expanded into Kelowna, where Greg now lives, though Frank still lives in Kamloops. Pilot tours on Lake Okanagan and local trails, working with the Westbank First Nation, were successful and led to Kelowna becoming the company’s second, full-product location.

Besides Greg and Frank, Greg’s wife is part of the business. While Greg is usually the one in front of the camera, his wife is working behind the scenes and acting as a sounding board. Frank’s wife is also involved, and Greg’s children often accompany the tours as well. Moccasin Trails is also part of the major tourism associations, such as Tourism Kelowna, Tourism Kamloops, the Thompson-Okanagan Tourism Association, Destination BC, and Indigenous Tourism BC.

With regards to business requirements, Greg and Frank have to be first aid trained, including having water safety and a skippers’ license. These need to be updated regularly. Their business license allows operations anywhere in the Okanagan or beyond, which enables them to provide location options and customizations as discussed later.

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